Discolypso, 2008



Discolypso, 2008



Discolypso, 2008



The Workbench, 2008
20 x 16 inches
Oil on panel



Demonblaster, 2008
48 x 36 inches
Oil on panel



Drugs Without Borders, 2008



Lintface, 2008
24 x 20 inches
Oil and lint on canvas



Kopfgeburt, 2008
Oil on panel



Choke the Chicken, 2008
Oil on canvas



Happy/Sad, 2008



Fever Be Kool, 2008



Pachuco Cadaver, 2009
36 x 48 inches
Oil, spray enamel, graphite, and collage on panel


The Past Is Yet to Come, 2008


Totem for the Grievous Angel: Did you ever try to smile at some people and all they ever seem to do is stare, 2008
Ikea end table, wood, photo mural wallpaper, acrylic mirror, aluminum foil, metallic tape, Plexiglas, acrylic, enamel, spray paint, ink, string, paper, plastic, shell, sand
106 x 16 5/8 x 16 5/8 inches


Totem for the Grievous Angel: LSD UFO, 2007
Wood, sheetrock, acrylic mirror, aluminum foil, Styrofoam, enamel, spray paint, pencil, string, digital prints, Xerox copies, cardboard
55 x 48 x 45 1/2 inches


Totem for the Grievous Angel: Stray Cigarette, 2008
Wood, chicken wire, newspaper, plaster, oil, enamel, spray paint, Xerox transfer
56 x 13 x 40 1/2 inches