The Ice Machine and Swift: The Paintings
The Ice Machine (Graham Watling) and Swift (Nathan Gwynne)

Freitag 12. August 2011:
The Ice Machine and Swift

Everything lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Lies. The bubbles, subconscious ether, rise from the bottom and, as they liberate themselves at the surface, they are the paintings birthing. They are the songs being birthed. The band is the surface. The painting is the surface, the threshold which interpolates the bubbles. The paintings are blue (the water) and white (the bubbles).

The Ice Machine and Swift is Graham Watling (The Ice Machine) and Swift (Nathan Gwynne). These two painters and musicians first joined forces in 2009 for a Germany tour. The Ice Machine and Swift started their first public performance on June 25th in Düsseldorf, right at the moment Michael Jackson was passing on to the next world. Their painting is rock painting and their music is rock music. It is (most importantly) NEW painting, essentially no different from old painting. The bubbles at the ocean floor spring eternal. Michael Jackson’s chimp was named “Bubbles.” Primal. Apelike.

The Ice Machine and Swift: “It’s like caveman painting. The blue was chosen for its monochromic quality, since all paintings are painted one stroke at a time. The white lays a bedrock of purity. Why caveman? Why NOT? There is no savagery or lack of sophistication implied in ‘cave manliness.’ Only grandiosity. And oneness with the universe.”